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EzCellular is used to manage sales, repairs, billing, and other activities that are a requirement for running a successful cellular retail store. It has a modern user-interface, and comes fully loaded with features and reports

Easy Cellular Software

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Cellular POS

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  • Airtime Payments
  • Repair Tracking and Management
  • Order Capture
  • Inventory Tracking and Control
  • Payment Tracking
  • Refund Tracking
  • Gift Cards
  • Employee Management
  • Payroll Tracking
  • Labor Tracking
  • Commission Tracking
  • Complete Inventory Management and Control.
  • Customer tracking and Billing.
  • Email and SMS Reminders.
  • Advanced Point-of-Sale Capability.
  • Payment Capture and Returns.
  • Multiple Printers Support.
  • Cash Drawer Support.
  • Barcode Scanner Support.
  • In addition to many other features, reports, and utilities.


Managing a business is difficult and challenging, having the right software to manage your cellular retail business can save you a lot of time as far as tracking your sales, receivables, inventory, employees, customers, repairs, etc. Our Cellular store software includes all the features you would need to keep track of all your sales, purchases, air time payments, repairs, inventory, customer returns, payments, expenses, and more.

The easy cellular software is tailored specifically for retailers that handle products related to cellular phones, cellular accessories, phone cases, batteries, phone cards, etc. It also includes a module for entering and tracking repairs. Repairs can be tracked by phone number, IMEI, customer id, etc. This software allows you to capture all the information you need in order to create a repair order. You repair staff will be able to read the information that was captured during the repair order entry, and proceed with repairing the product as requested. Being able to capture this information when the ticket is created, saves you and your staff the time of having to inquire about what needs to be repaired, all that information will be readily available for the job to be completed quickly and efficiently.

In addition, our cellular software includes a module for sales entry, returns entry, payment entry, and the ability to discount items and/or entire orders on the fly. Using this module, you can quickly lookup a product to add to the invoice, optionally apply any discounts you wish to apply, enter customer returns, capture multiple forms of payments on the same invoice, issue refunds, credit the sale of one or more items, or the entire sale to a specific staff member for commission tracking purposes, generate a printed receipt, and more. You can also use a barcode scanner to add products to the invoice, find products using partial names, sku, product id, etc.

Generate purchase orders to send to suppliers to order products. You can add items manually, or auto-generate the items based on the inventory level of each of your products.

Configure up to three sales tax rates, or combine multiple sales tax rates into one, this cellular software will automatically calculate the applicable tax amount based on the sum of the 3 sales tax rates that you configured.

Track you staff information, hire date, termination date, services they perform, vacation time, work schedules, etc. You can also track other information about each employee, such as the date of birth, anniversary date, marital status, and more.

Track your customers purchases, returns, payments, refunds, balance, and generate bills to send to these customers at any time.

This cellular software has features that allow you to send emails and SMS to customers for the purpose of notifying them of upcoming special offers, reminders, etc.

You can configure products as products, services, or rental products. You can track the products cost, regular price, wholesale price, return price, minimum and maximum inventory levels, and more.

Products can also be configured as serializable, which allows you to track each product by its unique part number.

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